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Become Our Electrical Heat Pack Distributor

heat pack pro distributor program

Heat Pack Pro Distributor Program is suitable for offline and online retailers who has/whose customers prefer to buy from them in their offline or online presence.

Examples of suitable/quick-integration will be with distributors who are in the health, healthcare and wellness industry eg:

  • rehab clinics of physiotherapy/physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, hand therapy
  • medical/surgical clinics of general practitioners, orthopedic surgeons, hand surgeons etc
  • pharmacies and hospitals
  • blogs, ecommerce, websites and online magazines in the health and wellness sector

Your success is our success, hence we are highly motivated and want you to succeed. Through Heat Pack Pro you can build additional income streams.

We believe in long term relationships and businesses, and that value and belief has led us to specialize in electric heat pack of high quality and Italian engineering.

We will also supply our distributors at good prices with good, fat profit margins - I want you to be able to earn well, so that you build and grow sustainable businesses and revenue streams.

I'm not here to make a quick buck off you - I am looking for sincere and long-term strategic, self-driven and hungry distributors, and I will serve you the best I can, for the long term. 

At Heat Pack Pro, we will continue to R&D to improve our electrical heat product lines, to increase options and additional revenue streams as we serve you and the end consumer.

We often recommend individuals, businesses and clinics to take a lower-risk approach by first trying with the Referral Program, which has much lesser upfront costs (no products to buy, store, manage; no admin and no customer support).

Some of the benefits of being a distributor of our electrical heat packs:

  • Additional revenue streams and products
  • Securing distribution location eg town, state or country from another distributor ie we protect our distributors, and depending on size of town/state/country, we may restrict the number of distributors
  • Enjoy distributor prices with healthy/high-margins
  • Being listed on our "Where To Buy" page, which is only available for distributors, and it's available on every page of our website (we will also be doing ongoing branding and marketing outreach to increase website and brand awareness)

For inquiry of how to become our distributor and distributor pricing, contact me and we will connect with you as early as possible.

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