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I studied occupational therapy in Nanyang Polytechnic 2002-2005 (man, that's like so long ago haha) and my wife studied physiotherapy in Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh, Scotland) in 2002-2006 (also as long as me lol), and one of the therapy modules was on the benefits of heat and using heat as therapy treatment (of course need to be careful of contraindications and precautions).

Ever since then, we have been prescribing heat therapy using hot packs (during our time in public health) and electrical heat packs ever since we went into private practice back in 2008. When used well and carefully applied, heat therapy has numerous health and comfort benefits, and that's why we've searched for a high-quality electrical heat pack that we've prescribed to patients, family and friends since 2012, and most return to buy more for themselves and friends too =)

And that's how HeatPackPro.com was born.

about us

I was trained in occupational therapy and specialized in hand therapy; and my wife, Louise, trained in physiotherapy and specialized in back and neck therapy, and we started a private practice in 2008, grew, sold and exited our practice officially on 20th December 2017.

That's how and when we discovered Bremed Electrical Heat Packs, after searching and testing so many, and got good feedback and results from friend, customers and patients.

Since then, my wife has went on to start another clinic with her friends (Phoenix Rehab Group) and I'm taking a sabbatical to spend time with the little ones (oh, they grow so, so, so fast) and explore with other interest (one of which is Heat Pack Pro).

The way I do business is primary through service, sincerity and openness, and I'll continue to do my best to serve you too. Do get in touch with me - would love to hear from you.

A promise and deep philosophy that is close to my heart: I am here for the long term - I am highly interested in building a long term service and relationship to you (customers, vendors and distributors). I love building sustainable, transparent and valuable service-driven business and relationships, and I look forward to building a relationship with you - talk soon.


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